Rags to Real Estate

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“Denise Smith is the type of professional who makes me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N! She is beautiful inside and outside, talented, capable and a woman of integrity. She practices what she preaches and values relationships over profits, character over process, and exceeds expectations constantly. She should be an ANDERSON COOPER CNN HERO.”
 — Dr. Laura Lyons, CEO of Career Dynamics, author of Lyons Guide to the Career Jungle

“If you’ve ever felt trapped in a cycle of poverty and despair, if you’ve ever felt marginalized because of your ethnicity or your gender, this book might just change your life. Denise Smith has truly traveled from rags to real estate. It has been a joy to witness her journey.” — Barbara Lee, Member of Congress (CA-09)

At an early age, Denise taught me a very powerful lesson, pray hard and work hard. Thank you dear friend for inspiring me; I know your story will continue to inspire many. — Nikki Shaw, Celebrity Chef

As the president of the Allen Temple Business and Professional Women’s Society, Denise Smith has been instrumental in raising thousands and thousands of dollars in college scholarship money for students with hopes and aspirations for a better life. She is an excellent example of someone for whom success has not been measured merely in financial holdings but in service to others. — Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr., Senior Pastor, Allen Temple Baptist Church

This book is the amazing story of how God used a grandmother to plant the seeds of the Gospel in the heart of a young lady with great business talents. The seeds matured in the soil of her life to nourish her through the wilderness of temptation to the high ground of humble Christian service. If God can do this with Deacon Denise Smith, surely he’s still in the blessing business ready to mold the lives of girls and young women who will be obedient to God’s call.

Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr., Pastor Emeritus, Allen Temple Baptist Church

Hi Denise,
I finished reading your book and it should be labeled "This could change your life."  Thank you for your book for women of all ages.  I had been concerned about you for several weeks.  When I asked you were you alright, you mentioned your book had you a little stressed.  Well stress no more, add author of a bestseller to your many achievements. You put your heart and soul on the pages of your book. I would like to purchase a book for my daughters.  — Donna

Hey Denise,
I just finished your book, "From Rags to Real Estate."  I felt it was a well written book, very entertaining, very uplifting
Especially for young women trying to find themselves.  I'm proud to call you a fellow deacon.  The book should be labeled, "Healing Hearts." IT MADE ME PICK UP THE PHONE TO CALL A LOVED ONE I HAD NOT SPOKEN TO FOR A LONG TIME.

Deacon Eugene Mosley, Allen Temple Baptist Church

Deacon Smith,
Had the time to read your book yesterday. God bless you for your determination and faith. And for resisting the wiles of the enemy (read Matthew 4:8-9). Great faith testimony! It's easy to get caught up. "What profit wo/man to gain the world but lose their soul?  — Reverend Warren Long, Allen Temple Baptist Church

Continue to tell your story! — Deacon Yolonda M. Greenwell-Reese, Allen Temple Baptist Church

Hi Denise,

I just finished your book. I will post on Amazon. I'm full of emotion. It just got better and better all the way to the end. I'm so inspired and so in awe of you! Simply beautiful! — Sarah Rush, Author

Loved the book and love Denise Smith! — Valerie Fullove Smith